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Allan J. Katz LPC, MHSP, CSAT, BBA

Rediscovery Counseling & Consulting
Memphis Tennessee 38119


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Allan J. Katz
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5668 S Rex Rd
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More About Allan J. Katz LPC, MHSP, CSAT, BBA

Allan J. Katz of Rediscovery Counseling and Coaching helps you achieve long term recovery from addiction, including alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling and internet addiction as well as depression, anxiety and trauma.   When you collaborate with Allan to work through your issues in a healthy way, you'll rediscover your authentic self, feel less stressed out and regain your own personal power to live a rich, fulfilled life.  You'll rediscover what life can be like without cravings, obsessions and compulsions.  You'll have more energy, healthier intimacy, better communication skills and serenity.    

Allan J. Katz is a Licensed Professional Counselor as well as a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist. He has a Master's Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Memphis and is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor. He is currently a Therapist at Turning Point Recovery in Southaven, MS. He facilitates groups in their intensive outpatient programs as well as a special group on Sex and Love Addiction.  He sees private clients and couples struggling with sex, drug and alcohol addiction, porn addiction, internet addiction and gambling addiction. He also sees clients for depression, anxiety and trauma.   To make an appointment, call 901-248-6001. All calls are held in the strictest, professional confidence.

As more and more of addicts' energy becomes focused on relationships which have sexual potential, other relationships and activities—family, friends, work, talents and values—suffer and atrophy from neglect. Long-term relationships are stormy and often unsuccessful. Because of sexual over-extension and intimacy avoidance, short-term relationships become the norm. Sometimes, however, the desire to preserve an important long-term relationship with spouse or children, for instance, can act as the catalyst for addicts to admit their problem and seek help. For this reason, Allan meets with couples who are struggling with disclosure and its aftermath in helping heal intimate relationships torn asunder by deceit, shame and lost trust.  He has helped many couples regain healthy intimacy, better communication skills and trust. 

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