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Blair Hollis MA, GCDF, BCCC

Christian Counselor
Crossroads Consulting, Inc. 
Nashville Tennessee 37205

(615) 352-7603 

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Blair Hollis
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Crossroads Consulting, Inc. 
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(615) 352-7603 
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More About Blair Hollis MA, GCDF, BCCC

As a Board Certified Christian Counselor, I've discovered that we are all born with talented minds. However, over 50% of individuals are disconnected with their work. I am committed to counseling individuals through their stress to bridge this disconnect. Individuals want to know "what" they are naturally good at, but few have been asked to reflect upon "what" makes them exceptional. Self-esteem and self-efficacy is enhanced through this inquiry. As a result, hope is found within themselves offering the clarity required to understand "how" their "innate gifts" may support transitions that channel their uniqueness in this world.         

Our subjective Adler narrative assessment uncovers "why" certain pathways may be a good fit. Our objective abilities inventory measures the "gifts" we were born with. These converge offering a method to self-authenticate that direction. Our goal is for individuals to take ownership of their developmental path while enhancing their personal and professional development goals.

My focus is on guiding individuals through a discovery process. This illuminates "how" their inherent abilities support new pathways that are a reflection of "what" they yearn to become. Importantly, this allows individuals to pursue what is less like work and more like their calling in life.

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